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Peermax Drop Direct Eye Drop Dispenser
NO NEED TO STRUGGLE GETTING YOUR EYEDROPS INTO YOUR EYES ANY LONGER! This simple guide allows you to drop your eye solution/medication directly into your eye, first time, every time. NO WASTED EYEDROPS: Our eye dropper holds the eye open...
Peermax Drop Right 2 in 1
NO NEED TO STRUGGLE GETTING YOUR EYE DROPS INTO YOUR EYES ANY LONGER! This simple Guide allows you to drop your eye solution/medication directly into the center of your eye, first time, every time. NO WASTED EYEDROPS: Our Eye Dropper holds...
Peermax Drop Smart Eye Drop Guide
👍 FDA REGISTERED: The product “Peermax drop smart eye drop guide” is FDA registered, and the registration number is 3022079606. 📩 EASY TO FIGURE OUT! EASY TO USE! Comes along with a detailed instruction sheet that will demonstrate step by...
AutoSqueeze Bottle Aid
Safely and easily administers eye drops Makes it easy to squeeze the bottle Clips onto most eye drop bottles
EZ Drops Reflective Eye Drop Application Strips
EZ Drops add mirror to your eye drop bottle so you can see where you are putting the drops. Makes taking eyedrops easy! A Mylar reflective polyester on the applicator strip serves as a mirror, and has bulls-eye to help...
AutoDrop Eye Drop Guide
For easier, more accurate eyedrops instillation. Clips onto most eyedrops bottles and holds bottle at correct angle over eye. Special cup prevents blinking by keeping lower eyelid open. Unique pinhole directs eyesight upwards and away from descending drops. Made from...

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Can-C Eye Drops
The current and latest expiration date is 01/2023 Can-C is the only patented NAC eye drops for eye repairs, the only eye drops that use the exact formula that was used in both the animal and human trials. They are...
from $39.00
Can-C K9 Eyedrops
The current and latest expiration date is 08/2023 Lubricant Eye Drops with N-Acetylcarnosine for dogs. These eye drops are based on the original Can-C formula.
Can-C Plus Capsules
Can-C + is a dietary supplement specifically formulated to complement the Can-C Carnosine Eye Drops. Directions:Take one capsule, three times daily. Note:Keep out of reach of children, protect from heat, light and moisture. Not for use by pregnant or lactating...

Customer Reviews

90 x 90px

These drops feel lovely

I have the beginnings of cataracts and molecular degeneration and have started to use this in the hope it will improve the conditions. Although I have used one vial it is too early to tell. However the actual liquid feels like a soft serum on the eyes, instead of harsh water, and the eyes feel really comfortable after. I use it early morning and last thing at night and am prepared to continue to use until my next appointment in a year's time.
90 x 90px

Making some difference!

With complex eye condition including cataracts and glaucoma, I felt very unhappy. Every prescribed bottle of eyedrops and tablets made me ill; the laser operation proved to be ineffective. I am now just finishing my fourth bottle of Can-C and something is happening. Too soon for miracles but colors which were washed out before the use of Can-C are vibrant. I apply 2 drops to each eye twice a day. Following the application I rest with my eyes closed for five minutes. I'll update when appropriate. I certainly recommend - no allergy effects either!
Norma Kearton
90 x 90px

Wonderful drops. My vision has improved over a year...

Wonderful drops. My vision has improved over a year and I can see bus numbers now that I could never see before.
Dr Julia Pascal
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